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Office Třebíč

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What I can help you with

Financial advisory

Securing Income and Property

In order for clients to be able to maintain the same standard of living in the long run, I try to cover all risks that may possibly arise with a financial reserve and if this reserve is not sufficient, add insurance protection from an insurance company exactly tailored to the client's wishes and needs.

Securing the Future Situation

My primary task is to make sure the client's standard of living is maintained and to make it grow over time and not the other way around. That is why I deal with this topic with clients and show them possible risks over time that could endanger their standard of living, in terms of pensions, children's studies, or other income declines.

Property Appreciation

In my opinion, the only objective indicator of the quality of a financial adviser's work is how the value of the client's assets grows over time. I try to work with the client's property as efficiently as possible so that its value grows over time. For this purpose, I use not only a large number of investment tools, but also standard products clients are used to.

Mortgages and Loans

Thanks to a large range of partners, I can arrange financing under the most advantageous conditions. I am also able to show my clients variants of early repayment. I also arrange non-purpose and business loans for my clients.


As the situation on the financial market and with the client changes over time, I meet with them regularly to always ensure the most advantageous and always up-to-date portfolio.


Clients also seek me out for standard products, such as compulsory liability insurance, supplementary pension insurance, building savings, current and savings accounts and more.

Partner Institutions

Other services

Interpreting and Translations

I lived in Turkey for 17 years, during which I constantly improved my knowledge of Turkish. I have been translating and interpreting Turkish at a professional level for more than 20 years.

Turkish Language Teaching

I always try to introduce my students not only to the Turkish language itself, but also to the culture, history, and mentality of the nation of this magical country.

About me

My professional career, just like my life, has been very colourful, full of twists, diligent study, hard work, great commitment, and continuous inner growth.

Despite my excellent academic achievements and talents, the post-revolutionary euphoria and the unrepeatable atmosphere - accompanying the period of changes and new beginnings - diverted me from my original intention to study psychology or foreign languages at university. Studying the field of Radiology Assistant seemed to be an acceptable compromise. During the 5 years I worked in this field at the Central Military Hospital in Prague, computer technologies were gaining a dominant position in radiodiagnostics, which affected me so much that I became more interested in computers. With the world market introduction of Windows 95, my future focus was definitely decided. In 1997, after obtaining adequate education, I started lecturing in the field of computing technologies and Microsoft Office in the training facilities of KB Zbraslav and ČSOB Praha. At the same time, I worked as a certified bodybuilding and fitness trainer.



  • Generální konzulát ČR v Istanbulu
  • Krajský soud Antalya
  • Pstruhařství Rožnov p.R.
  • Tri-Ja Servis, s.r.o. 
  • Studio ALIAS
  • NVSVAR s.r.o.

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Office Třebíč

Kubišova 1230/51
674 01, Třebíč

Office Brno

Křenová 493/73
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Office Praha

Pobřežní 224/20
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