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Translations and Interpreting

I am a perfectionist, so making sure that everything I translate corresponds to the content of the original is absolutely necessary for me. Free-style translation is not my domain and I approach every order with an emphasis on the exact expression of what was to be said. Every word or phrase has its meaning, and it is important to capture the essence of the matter, the idea, or the emotion; in short, it is crucial to prevent the essential ideas from being lost in the translation. The biggest handicap is the absence of a comprehensive dictionary, except for modest dictionaries for common users, tourists, etc. Therefore, I always check every specialized term by studying specialized texts, looking for related articles and the used specialized terminology in the given field. Therefore, every specialized translation made is enriching for me. This is how I extend my knowledge and as I often say: "I still have a lot to learn".


Turkish Language Teaching

Teaching of Turkish language makes me feel deeply satisfied and it gives me the opportunity to capitalize on my pedagogical ambitions. I really enjoy this activity. I can see the results of my work with every subsequent lesson, and I get feedback on the extent to which the teaching is suitable and effective. Of course, grammar and vocabulary are important in the beginning. However, I like to combine teaching methods, so I include a common matching game, reading of fairy tales, and humorous dialogues. And all of this with regard to the needs of the client, the environment in which he or she moves or works. Sometimes I spend more time with the preparations of teaching materials than with the teaching itself. I work with self-made scripts based on teaching materials used in Turkish public schools. Although they are in Czech, they are not yet Czechified or "polished" with English. It makes me really happy to see the clients' achievements - when he or she understands, knows, and speaks the language and it is always a small miracle for me.